Sunday, January 25, 2009

Friend Makin' Mondays... a new segment I'm going to be starting on Mondays, and this is how it will work (or at least I hope):

Every Monday I will give different directions for a different activity to be done by each of you on your own blogs. It could be anything from answering questions about yourself, sharing pictures, really anything that helps us to get to know each other and support each other better (don't worry it won't ever be anything too personal).

Each Monday I will give directions for that week's activity. You will then make your own post on your own blog following the directions I gave for that Monday.

You will sign up for each Monday's activity through Mr. Linky which will be found at the bottom of all my Monday's posts.

Here are the only rules for each week:

1) You must always link back to my blog "All that is Good" on your "get to know your fellow bloggers" post

2) If you participate you must sign in with Mr Linky so that people know where to find you and know you are participating.

3) I know it might not be possible to visit everyone that participates but you must commit to visiting at least 2 others fellow bloggers signed up with Mr Linky and to comment on their post.

My hope is that through this we will all be able to find new friends that we can get to know and share common interests with. I don't know about the rest of you but for me blogging has become more than just a way to let our family know what we are up to. It has become a way to encourage and to be encouraged. I am so thankful for all my new blogging friends (I hope to make even more through this), and I hope to get to know you all even more. I think this will help! So I hope you will join me!

Here is this weeks activity:

List 10 random things about yourself that people might not know or you just want to share:


1) In the winter I maybe shave my legs once every 2 weeks (my poor husband)

2) I never sleep in socks because my mom always told me when I was little that my feet needed to breath (like they have a nose or something).

3) My nose runs 24/7 whether I have a cold or not (it's super annoying)

4) I only use bars of soap to wash because for some reason I don't feel clean if all I use is body gel (liquid soap).

5) I will not wear something before I will iron it.

6) I can't call my husband "baby" I've tried and it sounds stupid coming out of my mouth (he's just "babe" to me)

7) When I'm really cold I cover up with a blanket, take my blow dryer and blow it up under the blanket to warm myself up (my husband hates it when I do this).

8) I can't go to bed and relax if I know the house is still messy (it will make me crazy).

9) Hot dogs and bologna disgust me (there is something not right about your teeth slicing through a piece of meat quite so easily).

10) I plan most of my days around my meals (when, where, and what)

There you have it! Sign in with Mr Linky and it's your turn!!! I can't wait to learn 10 new things about each of you!



Shawn said...

Oh look...I'm finally #1 at something!

This sounds like fun.

BTW your #9 almost made me vomit in my mouth!

KayceRee said...

Hey! Thanks for your comment! Good to know my Xbox problem won't last forever! : ) This is such a good idea! I just listed 10 things about me the other day and I think I'm running out so I think I'll wait til next Monday to participate. Can't wait to see what everyone else puts though!
-Kayce from Charleston, SC

Bethany said...

What a fun thing to do! My sisters nose runs all the time too, my mom is beginning to wonder if it's allergies or something.

#7 is an awesome idea!!

Pam said...

Cool idea for getting to know people. Thanks for hosting.

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

What a great idea! I'll be sure to try and participate as often as I can and I look forward to learning more about other bloggers.

Just what are those Woods up to? said...

You know, now that I think about it, I'm the same about #4. I use shower gel cause it smells so good, but I always use soap first, then follow up with the shower gel.

Um, I'm the same about #1 too. Unless I find enough time and motivation to wax, which is not often in the winter.

I didn't know you ironed everything before you wore it! That's like Adam; he claims he doesn't love to iron, but I think he does. I, on the other hand, have probably ironed less things than I can count on 10 fingers in my whole life!

This was fun! I'll definitly do this some Mondays (I recently wrote a "random things" list.)

Sarah said...

I only use bars of soap too! And I can't call my husband baby either. It's honey here. lol

I really love your blog and love this new idea!!!

heidi said...

Hi Kasey - found you through Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings. Re: #7 - When I'm cold I get under the covers with a heating pad. LOL

I LOVE your blog layout!

Rambling Girl said...

Great idea!

Leah said...

great idea. i will join next monday. hope i remember. :)

Anonymous said...

Love Love Love your blog and what a great wonderful idea! Have a great day!

Ruth Ann said...

I can definitely relate to your number one! It's like why's winter!
Have a great night!
-Ruth Ann

Ruth Ann said...

I can definitely relate to your number one! It's like why's winter!
Have a great night!
-Ruth Ann

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

The Heidi's are going to take over blog land....I can see it now. We're everywhere!
Cool carnival. I hope it works out since it's always fun to meet new bloggers.

heidi said...

re: your comment on my blog - I do pee all darned night. LOL But, my 2 year old never sleeps and the 7 month old is up 3-4 times a night so, I'm up anyway, eh?

Movies: total 80's stuff - St. Elmos, Breakfast Club, all the good ones.

Lacy said...

Hey Kasey, so glad you want to do the letter favorites....lets see how about the letter L for you. I cant wait and Im trying to get my random things post done. Thanks:)

MoodyMama (a.k.a. Heidi) said...

Sheesh....I have to pick only 10? Cool idea!

jenjen said...

What a great idea Kasey! I'm embarrassed to say that I have never used Mr. Linky and I have no idea how to do it!

Also, I drew the name for my giveaway and it went to someone else. But, I brought back something just for you and I want to send it to you, so can you send me over your address ( and I will send it right out. I think you will be happy!!!


julie isa said...

Great idea, thanks. It will be fun getting to know everyone.

Ashley's New Adventures said...

Just came across your blog from Tatertots and Jello! I will definitely participate in your Friend Makin on Mondays! What a great idea! I'm also excited that I saw a HOG on your previous blog! WooHoo I'm a Hog fan too!

Tammy Lou said...

Thanks for hosting a fun way to make new friends. I came across your blog from my sister (Pam-cocomama) so I decided to join but I hate to say that I have not been able to figure out the Mr. Linky way to bring you from or to my blog:( I will try to get it figured out my next Monday:)
Thanks again..

Kelly said...

Hi Kasey- I want to play along but I cannot figure out how to add my name to Mr. Linky. I am already registered but it's so confusing! Please help!

Sweet Torts said...

4. I thought I was the only person who felt that way! =)
5. I send everything that could possibly need to be ironed out..:)
9. Ewe, but excellent point.

I'm new, and I really like this idea! I am going to peruse your blog further now...:)

Connie said...

Love to. What's step one ?

Jenny said...

Looks like great fun. I'll get on it asap.

Sharon said...

I'm joining in! You can never have enough friends!!!

Sam said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog, but I'm loving this idea of Makin' Friends Monday! The only thing is, I can't figure out this Mr. Linky thing? I'm not sure where to find it/how to access it, I mean.

Think you could point me in the right direction?