Sunday, February 10, 2013

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I have started a new blog called "The Purple Clad Jewel" - Please visit me HERE.

I will no longer be posting here on this site but I have chosen to keep it open just so I have access to my stories.

Thank you!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving and Christmas is here!!!

Thanksgiving was Wonderful!!!

I ate way too much pie, and had the best time visiting with our family. 

We are truly blessed.

Here's the coconut cream pie I made- it was super yummy.  I'll post the recipe later.  At Christmas I'm going to try it again and tweek it a little- we'll see how that goes:

We always spend Thanksgiving at the hubby's grandmother's home.  They always invite my parents who would otherwise be alone since my brother and sister spend the holiday with their in-laws.  It's so nice having both sides of the family represented there and not having to choose.

Look at that spread- There was ribs, turkey, 8 pies, 5 or 6 salads, rolls, different types of potatoes, stuffing, 2 kinds of cranberry sauce, and on and on!  It's wild isn't it?  It goes all the way to the back wall:

I love this guy so much:

He's so handsome and fun!  I think I'll keep him.

Little Miss Sassy Pants got to take a bubble bath in her grandma's whirlpool tub.

On  Friday we took the kids to the mall to see Santa Claus and to pick out their yearly ornaments.  Little Miss got, you guessed it- a Princess!  Little Man got one that looks like Hycee- the Smelly Beast.  They're both pretty cute (the ornaments- but the kiddos are pretty cute too aren't they?):

Little Man asked Santa for Legos and a Wrestling Buddy.

Maybe he'll get it and he'll be happy wrestling with it and he'll stop testing out these moves on his poor sister:

Little Miss asked for a Rudolf the Reindeer that walks and has a light up nose.  Good Luck with that one Santa!

What are you asking Santa for?  I'm hoping to get one of these super cute rainbow colored granny square blankets:

How completely wonderful is this blanket!  It's so happy and cozy looking!!! 

I can already see myself curled up in my rocking chair with our sweet new baby in my lap nursing, all curled up, cozy and warm, while everyone else is sleeping away during the night feedings.  It will be super special bonding time!!!  Yay!

Friday night we watched our first Christmas movie of the year, Frosty the Snowman.  Our favorite is Rudolf- can't wait for that one.

I've had Christmas music going since we got home Friday.  I love it!

I spent most of Saturday in front of the computer christmas shopping.  I am over half done!!! is truly amazing.  I did all my shopping in my sweats and socks, and they will all show up at my door, and I never had to leave the comfort of my own home!  Rock on!

Today I plan to do the following:

Bible Study
Clean house- vacuum, sweep, wash sheets, make beds, fold clothes, dust, and put up Christmas tree and santas.

I Better Get Started!

Merry- Almost- Christmas!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thankful this Thanksgiving...

Here's the Deep list...

Christ my Savior
A Hubby who is willing to work hard so that I can stay at home to take care of our munchkins and our home
Two little people that are sweet, kissable, and fun
Another munchkin on the way.
Godly, loving, supportive parents and in-laws
Siblings, both mine and the hubsters, that are fun to be around and I really enjoy
Tons of extended family that are all loving, supportive, and super good to us
A warm home
Food in our bellies
Good Friends
Hugs and Kisses from my hubby and babies
Sweet munchkin toes
My bible
Beth Moore's bible studies
Fellowship with friends and family
Men and women of the armed forces
The oppurtunity to live in a country that is free

Here's the Shallow list...

hot tea
fun, bright colored, happy socks
sweat pants
pants w/ elastic waste bands
cream and sugar
lipstick- all colors- mostly reds
cookies and pie
chocolate with sea salt and almonds
house shoes
my blender
a good hair cut
a good book
McDonald's french fries (don't judge me)
Thanksgiving feasts

With Thanksgiving coming up you just can't help but stop and think about what all you're thankful for.

One day a year doesn't seem adequate does it?

I feel pretty blessed.

How about you?

What are you thankful for?

This Post Will Be Random...

The hubster is a basketball coach.  This time of year he is super busy and going, going, going all the time. 

Thankfully it is a job that we can tag along. 

I make all the home games and try to get to as many of the away games as I can.  However- he really likes for us to ride the bus to save on gas money, but I tell myself that it's also because he loves us so much that he MUST have us with him. 

The kiddos also get a huge kick out of riding on the big, yellow bus to the games with the the basketball boys and dad, so it's a win-win all around.

However, this year this girl's preggo and there probably won't be too many school bus rides for me.

Thankfully they broadcast his games on the local radio station.  He's practically a Star.

I mean he is a Star to me...but I'm talking a famous Star.  Crazy.

We went to his home game lastnight.  He's so handsome all dressed up out there coaching...

He's the blurry guy in the black pants and redish shirt (apparently my phone only takes blurry shots in a gym from far away- who knew).

They won so by the end he was just chillin'...

Little Miss had a big time eating all the food she could find hidden in her daddy's office and running around like a wild hullagun (sp?).  She looks so innocent though doesn't she?...

She found the cheerleaders floor mats all rolled up and just couldn't help herself.  It was like a big tunnel just waiting for her to explore...

My mother-in-law's Birthday was this week.  They don't live too close so we had to send her some love in the form of a really fun picture with birthday drawings, and we also made a Birthday video to send to her over facebook...

WE LOVE YOU NANA!  We hope your day was WONDERFUL!!!

The Smelly Beast is driving me crazy right now with all of her whining! 

I'll take you for a walk in a minute you long eared monster!

Don't look at me like that...

She cheats by looking at me with those sad eyes.

Little Miss Sassy had a friend over the other day.  They had a big time playing dolls and animals and all that girly stuff she can never seem to talk her brother into playing with her.  We did however have to take a break in the fun to take her to the doctor for a physical for school. 

She had to have a flu shot while we were there.

Her friend, the 2 nurses it took to hold her down and give her the shot, Little Miss, and myself are all probably scarred for life it was such a tramatic experience.

I had no idea she was so strong and violent.

It was wild.

I took this before she knew she was getting the dreaded S-H-O-T.

All smiles.

Not so much after the shot.

She survived though, and what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger- right?

I'm taking the kids and going to visit my sister.  I can't wait.  She has 4 kiddos and it is always wild and full of crazy, fun times.

She's the best sister.

I'm Thankful for her.

What are you Thankful for?

Silly Faces...

I'm sitting in my kitchen at the table writing.  Checking Facebook.  Trying to order some Christmas stuff.

It's early, but I like it.

It's quiet in my house.  I have the heat on and I'm wrapped up in my favorite, comfy, big and baggy, ugly, brown sweater.

I'm drinking hot tea.

I love hot tea.  It makes me happy.

It makes me feel warm and cozy on cold mornings.

It helps wake me up.

I have two cups I like to drink it out of.  They both have scripture on them.

I like to look down at them when I'm holding them and be reminded of how much my Heavenly Father loves and cherishes me. 

He's good and merciful.

He's blessed me far beyond anything I deserve.

He's pretty stinkin' awesome.

Maybe it's not the tea that makes me warm and cozy after all.

But I do like hot tea.

The other night when I was putting the munchkins down for bed we had an impromtu photo session.  We're quite the models if I do say so myself.

Our range of feeling and emotion is really unbelievable...

This is our "We're too cool for school" look...

Our "Say What?" look...

Our "Totally shocked and surprised" look (the unicorn was trying to get in on our action- can you believe it?)...

"We're so angry" look...

"We love each other and apparently Go Longhorns" look (and we love the Razorbacks just so you know)...

They got to bed a little late and no we didn't read a book, but I think that that our time was well spent and mucho memorable.

I love those silly, little faces.

Little Man's Soccer...

Little Man had his last soccer game this past weekend.  He did excellent!  He plays so hard and has really improved so much from the start of the year.  When the games are over he always looks so cute with his red, little face.

He really is the man- the Little Man anyway!

His team (most of them)...

Showin' off his crazy skillz...

I just got a new phone that I took all of these pictures with.  It's an android?.  Whatever that means.  HCG something or other, but I LOVE it!!!

It takes great pictures and I've never had a smart phone before, so I am having quite the fun time figuring out all the bells and whistles!  In between games (or maybe when Little Man was out taking a break) I took a few random photos just to play...

Little Miss had a big time on the playground with some of her friends.  She loves to dig in rocks, sand, dirt, it doesn't matter- she just loves to dig and get dirty!  She was all about all the pretty pink rocks she was finding.

She actually loves digging and playing in rocks and stuff so much that the other day she game home from school with her pockets full of little rocks she'd taken off the school playground that she told me were special and she had to keep forever.  Guess where she wanted their forever home to be:  the kitchen counter.  NOT HAPPENING! 
They now reside in her little purse.  I keep waiting for the moment she spills them all over the place, but she's happy and they aren't on my counters so everyone wins I guess.


She's a mess, and you should have seen her after the games were over and it was time to go! She was so dirty! We had to take them both home and hose them down.

It was a good Saturday.

What did you do this weekend?

Friday, November 9, 2012

10 Things No One Tells You About Pregnancy...

With this being my third pregnancy I thought I would share with you a few things I've learned along the way, and just so you know- None of this knowledge came from a book.:

1.  All lady-likeness will be out the window and you will have more gas than your husband, your children, the milk man, the mailman, and the mailman's mother combined.

2.  The first trimester you will be so bloated that you will think that you must have "Good Year" written across your backside.

3.  You have to be a professional acrobat if you want to clip or paint your toenails.

4.  Your lower back will hurt so bad that when you wake up in the mornings it will take you 10 minutes just to bend over to put your pants on.

5.  Your sweet, loving husband will probably start keeping track of the number of times you ask him to rub your back.

6.  Varicose veins come in a really pretty shade of purple.

7.  You will wake in the middle of the night with leg cramps that hurt so bad they will make your unborn child cry.

8.  If you make it through the entire pregnancy without some sort of crazy skin something or other you have experienced a miracle, and you are one lucky girl.  However, you should probably not tell other pregnant women because you might get hurt.

9.  You don't have to ask for people's opinions to hear them anyway, and the number one thing they like to give their two cents about is your weight. 

10.  Your not supposed to, but you will want to eat your weight in chocolate, and whatever else you can get your hands on for that matter.

Bonus:  You will be so emotional and irrational that you should probably buy stock in kleenex for all the times you'll be wiping your eyes and blowing your nose.  It might be something as small as someone putting the milk on the wrong shelf in the fridge, but it will feel like the end of the world.

Like I said, these are just a few things I've learned. 

While pregnancy is so wonderful and awesome, it can get pretty real, REAL fast!

Thank goodness I have a husband that loves me and can handle a lot!  He's a good guy (and I didn't just write that because he told me he'd be reading my blog today- love you babe!)- He really is!

Have a good day!