Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I hate to keep talking about sad things on my posts, but I also feel that as a mother and a women I can't not share these when so much prayer is needed! I know if it was me in these family's situations I would want to know that my baby was covered in as much prayer as possible.

Much like Kelly's baby Harper, Brayden was born full term, but was born with fluid in his lungs. He and his family are in need of our prayer. So please join me in praying for God to heal these two sweet babies and that his greatness will be shown throughout both situations.

You can click on the above button to find out updates on Braydon. Thanks!!!


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jenjen said...

Thanks for posting about this sweet baby Kasey. What a cute little guy! It sounds like he is doing better so that just shows how much power prayers have! I will keep him in my prayers.