Wednesday, February 4, 2009

And the Nominees are...

I am so excited! I have been given a blog award from some of my wonderful new blogging friends from around the world (okay, maybe not world, but not from down the street either!).

This is so great and makes me feel so special! I LOVE BLOGGING, and things like this are why. I mean what other hobbies do we have where we are able to connect, encourage, be encouraged, support, and make super great friends with so many wonderful women?!

Anyhoo, here she is...
...isn't she beautiful?!!!

She stands for GREAT ATTITUDE and/or GRATITUDE.

My 3 new and great friends Lori at A Double Shot of Espresso, Rachel at Sweet Angel Memories, and Ashley at Ashley's Adventures were all kind enough to choose me for this honor. Thanks you girls!

I get to share my award with 10 of my bloggy friends. So here they are in no particular order...

Marci at All Things Wonderful
Lacy at A Sparkle and A Smile - she's got a sassy new hair cut and color! I'm lovin' it!
Rambling Girl at Rambling Girl - I'm not sure I've ever seen her real name.
Dawn at Three Clones and a Lady - when she says clones...she means it!
Sarah at Ten Years, One Girl, Two Boys
Martha (aka Yvette) at Moments with Martha
Shawn at The Trotti Times - She is super Sassy, and I love it!
Heidi at Blue Eyed Blessings
Jen at Tatertots and Jello -
Kim at Truth is better than Fiction

Chosen ones: Please follow these instructions and share the LUV!

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.

2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show GREAT ATTITUDE and/or GRATITUDE

3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.

4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received the award.

Thank you again! And I want you all to know that I love reading your blogs and am so thankful for all the wonderful comments and encouragement that you all leave for me on a daily basis! You are always making me feel so special and good! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!



JamieM said...

Congrats on the award! I love awards. and I agree with you about blogging. It's very adictive too!
Take care! And thanks for sharing your lives with us...

Shawn said...

WOW ~ I'm super Sassy and that is never to be confused with just plain 'ol Sassy!

Yes I am girl, oh yes I am!

Thanks Kasey!

jenjen said...

Thanks Kasey - you are so sweet! I am so happy that we met. It has been so much fun getting to know you better!


Ali said...

Congratulations! I'll have to check out those blogs!

Ashley's New Adventures said...

Thanks for the linky love! Cute Post!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Thank you, Kasey!! This is quite ironic because I was just going to give you this same award (I'm not making that up!) I received this award over the weekend and haven't gotten around to giving it out yet. You beat me to it. I love all of your comments on my blog...thanks for being so consistent.

AndreaLeigh said...

great choices! congrats on your award!

Martha (aka Yvette) said...

ooooo yeah how cool!!! ok I will post about this award, it's so cute thank you :). Oooo and I'm putting up my Hair pic (notice I said pic, I forgot to take the before)....

Kim said...

Thank you, Kasey! What an honor! I'm so glad I found your blog and I enjoy following along with what's going on in your neck of the woods.

I hope all is well!