Monday, May 4, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday...

OMGoodness! I am such a slacker! Lastnight was so crazy! I won't even go into the details...but surely you have all been there once or twice!

Anyhoo...My dear, sweet friend Amber at {aefilkins} (who btw has one of the cutest blogs) has been kind enough to host FMM for me today! She is so sweet and so fun! So head on over there and check out the FMM fun! Because let's face it...We can always use more friends!

Today Amber wants to know what 5 of your favorite toys from your childhood were!


I will be posting my task in a little bit. So come back and leave me some messages Okie-dokie!

Thanks Amber! You're the Best!

Now, Go Forth and Make some FRIENDS!!! Click HERE to join in on the FUN!!!

(the cute picture of the crazy dog above is courtesy of my good friend Shawn at Seriously)



Vashti said... are a slacker!!! ;-)
Ive been waiting ALL day!

April said...

We've all been slackers at one time or another...worry not! :)

Amber said...

You're welcome my dear. And thanks for the sweet compliments!! :)

Yes, we've all had one of THOSE days. Or nights?? We've all probably had one of THOSE too. ;)

jenjen said...

Hi Kasey!

I hope things are going well for you. I can relate about the crazy life! Thanks for starting this group. It is so much fun and has been so great to meet new people!

You are awesome!!!!!!


Becky said...

what a wonderful idea! I am always looking to make new friends in the blog world:) Maybe I will give this a try next Monday! (since your slacking and all this week lol!) (I'll be better prepared next week;)
coming over from Vspot!

Rhonda said...

Hey Kasey!! Hope all is well! Slacker...we all do it. It's okay every now and then my friend! Have a great week!

Just what are those Woods up to? said...

Happy Birthday, Kasey! Love ya!