Friday, July 10, 2009

Vacation '09 - Day 5:

Day 5 went off without a hitch. We got up early and headed out of Denver and made our way towards Boulder, CO. I loved Boulder. It was the neatest little town and it had the best vibe.

We drove through the University of Colorado.

We visited Pearl St. and its fun little shops. We also took a free ride on this little train- the kiddos loved it!

We ate lunch at Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse. It was really tasty and so beautiful! Here are Ruthie and I sharing our Chai tea with sugar and milk (we let her have some through a straw and she liked her some tea!).

I drink all sorts of flavored teas and my favorite brand is Celestial Seasonings so I was super excited to go visit where it is made. We got to have free tastings and watch a movie on how it started and how it is made. They gave a free tour but children under the age of 5 are not allowed so that counted us out. So sad!

We then visited Leanin' Tree Museum. It is a museum full of Western art (cowboys and indians).

They had these sculptures outside and since I was carrying stink bug in her sling I felt like I had bonded with this chick so we had our picture taken together. (The hubs doesn't count so that is why I'm not smiling).

Little Man pretending like he's running and about to get run over by the buffalo. Run man Run!

Gorgeous views on Day 5...

We spent most of the day up in the mountains at Rocky Mountain National Park. This was a beautiful little lake in the park that we took a hike around. Isn't it so pretty!

Little man is a little too brave sometimes! If his daddy wouldn't have had the baby on his back he probably would have been right up there with him!

Gorgeous! Are you jealous?!!! lol!!!

Stink bug had the best view! I tried to get hubs to carry me on his back!

I love these next 2 pics. Isn't the way the sky meets the mountains and then the water so serene!

This trail was too hard for the kids so I walked down just a little ways to get this picture! So worth it!

This little guy was about 2 feet from our car. You can even see his buck teeth! We fed him a cracker...sshhhhh don't tell!

We took this driving tour through the park and as long as I didn't look over the cliffs on the drive up it was absolutely breath-taking! This is up at the top...On top of the world!!! (little man is mad here because I wouldn't let him go up with dad. Sorry Charlie!!!)

We found a little snow and since it was July we decided to test it out! What a rebel!!! I would have laughed so hard if he would have busted it!

All the way at the top and super cold!!! We were so not prepared for the coldness.

At the top we ran into these guys. There were about 20 of them throughout the park that we saw, and they walked right up to the road. I got alot of better pics with the other camera but I haven't uploaded those yet (later I promise- we also saw some mountain goats and Nolan saw 2 moose).

We left the park around 7 pm and ate supper out of the back of the car. Almond Butter and Banana sandwiches and veggies except for the hubs who had left over pizza. I also found some tasty green chile hummus that we snacked on! We arrived in Frisco CO around 10 pm only stopping once in Winter Park to let the kids play at a fun little park we drove by.

Day 5 was so fun and full of beauty! It was also tiring, but so worth it!



Anonymous said...

Hey Kasey! This is Megan. I just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying reading about your vacation and all of the places you guys are stopping at. I'm super impressed with the Nolan's planning! The pics are adorable! You guys stay safe.


Aimee said...

Great pics! I love that buffalo one!

kimert said...

Beautiful!! I am loving all of these vacation updates! And yea, slightly jealous. I was telling my hubby all about you and your way cool vaca last night. I hope you have a most fabulous rest of your trip! :)

Stacey said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the one of the waterfall.

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

Gorgeous- I love mountains- each one looks handcrafted by God. Something about nature that makes me feel so close and connected to God!!


Ali said...

I love Boulder! Glad you loved it too.

Tina said...

Looks like you guys are having a great time...

Be safe!

Mom Parnell said...

You have brought back a lot of memories for me on this part of your trip! I spent the summer of 1969 as a student in Boulder and got to play in the snow in July also. We took a family vacation to visit my sister when she lived in the Denver area in the '90's so that was fun to see again also.

You have our love and PRAYERS!

Hibiscus Moon said...

Wow. What great shots. Looks gorgeous! Bad, bad girl for giving him that cracker.

Amber said...

Another fun day, as to be expected! You guys are such a great little family. LOVE that you are doing this, the kids are going to look back on this trip with such great memories.

The pics are beautiful!!!

Chic Mama said...

Great pics! Looks so fun! I love the buffalo pic & the babywearing one (next to the statue!)- both are classics!

The Sweet Life said...

beautiful scenery!

jenjen said...

Looks like so much fun Kasey! You guys are so cute. Have a safe and wonderful trip!


Rocksee said...

It's so pretty! I love CO.. what a great state.. glad you had fun!!

Adie said...

so beautiful .. I have only seen Colorado Springs myself and thats cause I live here. I love hearing about your vacation!

Aeryn said...

Wow, such beautiful pictures. The views are truly breathtaking!

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

Chris and I celebrated our 10th anniversary in Boulder at the St. Julien. I just love that city. We got to hike and shop in the same city, and everyone was happy! Looks like you all are having a great time!

Emily said...

Fabulous pictures! I love Colorado!

Ginette said...

Great pics! How pretty. Looks like you are having a great family vacation. (Cute pic of your son running from the buffalo.)

Anonymous said...

hey Kane, my favorite pic is of you running from the bull statue! that is so funny. You crack me up, I cant wait to see and squeeze you and Ruthie and mom and dad, I love you,Nana

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much of fun!!!You guys are so cute. Have a safe and wonderful trip!!!!
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