Monday, June 25, 2007

On The Move Again

Well, if you thought my last blog was full of big surprises wait until you read this one. In the last blog you all found out that we are expecting baby #2. Well, now we are expecting baby #2 and we are moving again. Nolan was offered a job at a smaller, public school, in a smaller town, coaching girls basketball. We are really excited (not necessarily about the moving process, but about the being there). I have been looking at houses on the internet and I found an older one that I really like. It has origanal hardwood floors and even has a claw foot tub. So, please pray for us as we begin this newest adventure in God's plan for us (that our house will sale quickly so that we can buy a house there, I can find a doctor, and kane will handle things okay). We feel very confident that we are following his will for us, and can't wait to see what he has in store for us. The town is Berryville and it is a little over an hour closer to home than we are right now. So, there it is our 2nd big news in less than a week!

We have also been at home for the last 2 weeks. We had a great time. We went to Branson with some friends, Adam and Julie Woods. We left the kiddos at home and had a fun time just us grown-ups. We swam, played ping-pong and tennis, I even had to beat everyone (including Nolan, and I have witnesses this time) in a fun little game of horse. We went to this wonderful restaurant called Chataeu on the Lake, saw a movie, and ate at Lambert's home of the throwed rolls in Springfield. It was great!

We also had a great time with family. My sister came over to mom and dad's and we always have an awesome and fun time together. I colored her hair and made her a blond bombshell. Then we stayed with Nolan's family for a few days and then we went to Branson again with the Baker's. We had a great time at Silver Dollar City and we went to a big waterslide (I had to watch from the sidelines this year, but that's okay it's worth it!

Well, there it is, Big news and vacations seem to be what is going on with us right now. We love you guys and I hope that you enjoy the blog. Down below if you click on the word comments you can write to me and let me know what you think and how you are. Have a great week! Bye!


julesjwoods said...

I dun seen it! I can testify that you beat us all in horse, or pig. I got pretty used to losing games to the Helders over the weekend (except I'll always have Dr. Mario! and shuffleboard that one time).

I'm really happy you guys are moving closer! Keep making your way back to us!

momparnell said...

Kasey and Nolan,

We are so excited for you all on all your news of late. And wish you the best in finding a house in Berryville...... Can't really imagine cheering for the Bobcats though..... But then when Rod was at Farmington, I cheered for the Cards, so guess I'll make it!!
Love and prayers,

Nolan and Kasey Helder said...

Yes, we are officially Bobcats. That just sounds funny to say. and I am going to have to start buying us some purple clothes. Julie, thank you for the testimony (It just wouldn't be right for us to let you guys win. Although you basically made us look like sad little people playing Dr. Mario.)