Friday, August 24, 2007

Sold and officially Moved!!!

Well, here I am again. I haven't written in forever. It has been crazy getting things together to move. But, alas, it is done! My wonderful mother, mother-in-law, and Nolan's grandma Jean came and helped me get our new home in complete order yesterday. They are all my very favorite people now! They helped me so much. Holly decorated my entire house for me, while grandma Jean unpacked stuff and got my kitchen together, and mom and I organized and got my bedroom together. Nolan and I are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives that are so willing to help us whenever we need it. When we moved we were overwhelmed with the help that we received. God is Awesome!

Well, if you were wondering, our house has sold, we close this next week. I miss our house and friends in Little Rock already, but at the same time I know this is where God wants us right now.

Our new house is pretty okay. Really the only main thing that I don't care for is that when you walk into the bathrooms you kind of time warp back to the 70's. But we worked on them and now they aren't so bad. The house actually looks pretty good now.

Kane turned 3. He was so excited. For his birthday he got a tractor that he can ride. He loves it! He's a mess.

Well, gotta go! Love Ya'll. Bye!


momparnell said...

I love the pictures!! And I must admit that I did not recognize Clay! Your house looks great and I know you are glad to be settled. It looks like your family has been busy. Keep us posted. Love and prayers, Mom Parnell

torichambers said...

It is nice to see what is going on in your life. I miss you and can't wait until next week. I am really looking forward to seeing your little house in person. From the pictures it looks great as I knew it would. You always do a good job decorating or maybe Holly did a good job this time. Anyway, I love you and can't wait to see your big belly. Hey, why didn't you post a picture of that?
Love you lots,
Your favorite Big Sister

Jillian said...

Kasey your house looks GREAT!! I'm impressed with Nolan's choice. I miss you guys sooooo bad!! We are all having a pretty hard time not being able to call and go somewhere and it's only been a week!! We miss you guys and hope to see you soon!! Tell Kane Hallie and Kade both miss him!!

Love you guys, Jillian

Nolan and Kasey Helder said...

Jillian-we miss you too! I'm sorry I haven't really called we are working on getting our phones fixed so they will have better coverage. we went to McDonalds yesterday and it just wasn't the same. Tori-I can't wait to see you either. love you guys! kasey

smithbees said...

Hi Kasey,
Your house looks really cute. Holly did a great job decorating it (takes after her Mom :)
You have always done great at that too. Paula and Keven are moved in. You would not believe your old house with the new floor and carpet. It looks great. Paula has done a great job too. They are not finished yet but it is looking good.
Hey, I need hair stuff bad, so when are you coming to our area. I am looking like I am 66 and I don't want to do that.:)
Love ya,

Just what are those Woods up to? said...

Hey I know that picture of the floor was just for me! (-:

Your house looks really great. I love all the white dishware in the kitchen. And it does look spacious, as Adam so keenly observed. Hopefully I'll get to see it in person sometime soon. You and your family don't mess around when it comes to getting things done quickly!

The first picture of Kane is beautiful. Those big dark puppy dog eyes, aww! He looks...almost angelic...

It was great to see you and your cute little belly bump recently! Love you lots!