Thursday, October 4, 2007

Busy, Busy

Just wanted to let everyone know how we are doing. We've been busy I feel like. We went home last weekend and had a good visit with Nolan's family. He went home on sunday, but Kane and I stayed behind and I cut some hair on Monday and Tuesday. I am going to start cutting and coloring hair on the first and third mondays and tuesdays of each month in west fork. It went pretty well and it was fun to catch up with some of my friends in West Fork while I did their hair.

I have a friend in West Fork named Dawn Stout and she is pregnant and due this month. I was able to highlight her hair and it was fun to talk about our pregnancies and what is in store for us when our little ones get here. This will be her second baby too.

We have finally decided on Ruthie Ann. I feel really good about that name and I am excited to finally be able to refer to her by name and not something like it or baby. Nolan had a great grandmother named Ruth and my mom's middle name is Ann, so it is a name that means alot to both of our families. She has been moving a lot starting really just in the last few days. I go back for my next doctor's appointment a week from Monday. I don't know if it is because I am getting older or I started out in worse shape than I was when I got pregnant with Kane or what, but it seems like this pregnancy has been a lot tougher on me than last time around. (I'm probably just getting older!)

Nolan has been really busy with volleyball and Kane and I try to make most of his games. He showed me his schedule for October and November tonight and it seems that he is going to be getting even busier. Thankfully he has a job that we can come and watch and sometimes even ride the bus with him to games. (Kane LOVES the big bus!!!)

We have company coming this weekend. My friend Tressa and her family are going to spend friday night through Sunday with us. We were going to go to Silver Dollar City but our husbands vetoed the idea.

I am trying to find a weekend this month for us to go see my sister. I want to go see my niece cheer.

It has been fun getting to know Nolan's ball players. they are all sweet and I am excited to be planning an ice cream social for them and their families. (I'm all about planning anything that involves ice cream!) Well, I am off to spend some long awaited time with Nolan. I hope this finds everyone happy and healthy! Love Ya'll, bye!


Just what are those Woods up to? said...

I'm really glad I got to see you on monday. You're always so much fun to see and talk to. I'm really glad you'll be back in town pretty often. I think I'm going to need a pedicure soon...ha ha, just kidding. I wouldn't subject you to that. Too bad your husbands were party poopers about Silver Dollar City. Although in this unseasonably hot weather, and with you being unable to ride the rides...well, maybe you have a thing for wooden keychains with names engraved in them? Well, if that makes you happy, then I respect that (-:

momparnell said...

Glad to get an update! Next time you are down this way, give us a call. I would love for you to see where we live now.

Just what are those Woods up to? said...

How about some pictures of Ruthie Ann!