Monday, September 15, 2008

Close Call...

Well, the other night I was laying in bed reading, Nolan and the kids had already gone to sleep, when I noticed that I was hearing something. It started to worry me. I started thinking "did Nolan lock all of the doors?" I layed there a little longer wondering if I should get up and check the kids, but then I saw a flash of light outside our window and realized that the scary sound that I was hearing was the wind from a storm. It was so loud. I turned on the tv expecting to see berryville under a tornado warning. I worried that we needed to take cover. The only things that I could find were saying that we were just getting a lot of rain and there was chance of flooding. I decided that everything was going to be okay and I layed down, listening to the wind, and fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up expecting to get ready and go to church when Nolan told me that our good friend, and youth pastor at our church had called and said there was no electricity at church and the morning services were canceled. We then settled in for a morning of just hanging out as a family. Later that afternoon Nolan went out into the yard to play with Kane. He came back in a little bit later and told me to go look at our front yard. I went only to find that one of our big trees in the front of our house had been completely uprooted and had fallen just a couple of feet from the house. I can't believe that it got so close to the house, but I am so thankful that it didn't hit it, especially since it was Ruthie's room that it would have hit. So, needless to say it was a close call.

Oh yeah...if anyone needs some fire wood, let us know!

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Just what are those Woods up to? said...

Thank God you guys were ok! How scary that the tree fell outside of Ruthie's bedroom. I was just thinking yesterday that I need to see how much it will cost to have our big trees cut down. A tree fell in my parents' yard during the storm and took out part of their privacy fence, so that had already gotten me fretting. Then I read your post and I thought "Ok, now I really need to get rid of those trees." Then I got an e-mail from my friend Barb saying that a tree put a hole through her daughter's roof. Yikes!

By the way, I mean to mention on your last post that it's so awesome that you're doing Awanas at your church. You're doing a great thing! How's it been going?