Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Kane has his first ever black eye. He got it oddly enough at church. We went to our church's Fall Festival and they had one of those Moon Bounce things (you know the things that they blow up and kids can get in it and jump around). Anyway, he was in it (and I am ashamed to say that Nolan and I were not paying as much attention as we should have been), and there were some bigger boys in it too. He claims that one boy swung him around, let go of him, and he flew into another boy's knee.

All I know is that I heard him screaming, looked up from visiting with our friends to see our friend Melissa carrying him over to us. I'm sure she thinks we are awful because once I knew that nothing was broken on him and it was just a black eye, I got tickled because the fact that this is Kane's first black eye really is a miracle. And then there was Nolan who was sitting there telling Kane that he shouldn't play with bigger kids if he isn't tough enough to suffer the consequences (I know you think we are awful, but he really is fine and we could tell that he was).

He was Batman for Halloween! And a way cute one if I do say so. Ruthie is doing good.

Nolan's Jr. High team got beat lastnight. It was sad. My brother's team however is doing great. Me and the kids were home last weekend to witness another Tiger VICTORY! It was great. I also have taken some more pictures. Check them out on...

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Just what are those Woods up to? said...

Aww, poor Kane. He looks just as cute as ever even with a shiner. I think ow-ies on little boys can make them look cute and tough, anyway. Owen currently has an adorable--and mysterious--scratch on his nose.

The pics on your photography site are wonderful! Look at you go!