Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cute Logo = Leave a Comment...

There is this way cute site called "The Secret is in the Sauce" and basically they are all about leaving comments on women's blogs. I guess they are a way for women to network and get to know each other. They also have free giveaways all the time, and a bunch of other cute things. But anyhoo, I love it! So to all of you blogging friends go check it out (and yes Rachel I am still patiently waiting for this to include you too). It is way fun. But the one rule is that anytime you see this...

on someone's blog you have to leave a comment. (you can just click on this one to go check out their site, and yes I have one on the right side towards the bottom). So please leave me lots of comments whenever you visit because I like to know who all has come by, and I just like to know you care!

So go get your own cute little "The Secret is in the Sauce" box and get lots of comments, but remember it means you are promising to leave them too! Happy Commenting!!!

And Last, but not least...make sure to click over on the right under followers to announce to the world that you hang out at my blog sometimes! Goodnight!


1 comment:

Kenlea said...

I love your blog!!! I have LOTS to learn about this!!! Your kiddos are so cute!!! After reading your blog, you are such an inspiration!!! I'll be back often!!! See ya---