Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Christmas Tradition...

Every year at Christmas Nolan and I take Kane (this year Kane and Ruthie) shopping for Christmas tree ornaments. We always let him pick out one, the only catch is that it has to be this one certain brand called "Old World Christmas." Kane picks out one, Ruthie gets one, and then Nolan and I share one. I plan on us doing this every year and then when the kids grow up and move off and have their own trees I will give them their ornaments. Nolan's Aunt Kelly got us started on this by getting Kane his very first one which is this one... is my favorite I think because it is the one that got it all started!

To me they represent our little family, our tradition, and time spent doing something together. Every year when we get out the ornaments I tell Kane, and now Ruthie too, all about each one of them and why we got that particular ornament that year.

Here are this years...Kane helped us pick out Ruthie's first ever (I wanted a hippo in a tutu, but I was out voted).

Kane picked out an airplane for himself. He said he loves airplanes this year.

And Nolan and I got a basketball because with Nolan being a coach it is a great big part of our lives.

And finally I leave you with a picture of our Christmas tree! We had so much fun decorating it together as a family. I love this time of year!

What special Christmas traditions does your family have?



Anonymous said...

We used to do the same thing at our house except we had Precious Moments ornaments but that died after about 5 or 6 years and then we all just got an ornament that we liked but we haven't gotten ornaments in 2 or 3 years but i hope you keep it up with your kids because its alot of fun!


Ginette said...

Kasey-those are great! I love the tradition. It will definitely be something that your children will look back on with fond memories. Also, thanks for visitng my blog. I really like yours too. Your children are adorable!

Marci said...

We do the very same! That's funny! I just let B & G-K pick whatever ornament--they choose. My mom started this tradition with us and she dated each one. They are so fun!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

This is a beautiful tradition. My grandma would always attach an ornament to our present, usually handmade (every Christmas for 18 years) and now I have those ornaments to put on our tree. I try to get at least one ornament a year for our tree, but I like that you all go together to find some new ones.

Rhonda said...

Hi Kasey,
We do something similiar except I pick out the ornaments myself after Christmas sales. They get to open there ornaments along with new pj's on Christmas Eve.

The ornaments have to represent something they did that year or liked. Then I go to my computer and type up why the ornament was chosen and write any special memory. For example, my 7 year old joined cub scouts last year and we love to go camping. I found the cutest Snoopy cubscout ornament around a campfire. So cute.

Then, like you I plan to give my boys a box of boxed ornaments with a special memory note from that year to them when they are on their own someday. sniff, sniff

I think they will enjoy it. I hope so. Sometimes I wonder because I have boys? Anyone have grown boys who would love something like this? Let me know. I don't want to think I am doing it for nothing.