Friday, December 19, 2008

Good Friends on Friday...

Today I had my really good friend Jen Fry over for lunch. She is so sweet, and I just enjoy her so much! It was so nice to sit and talk and share things with each other. I'm thankful for her and her family and how genuine they are.

It comforts me to know that there are such good people in the world that me and my family can count on. For instance, the very first time that Nolan and I ever met them we locked our keys in the car and the Frys sat with us for about an hour while Brent (Jen's husband) got our car unlocked for us. Yesterday my car's check engine light was on and I had to take it to the shop to get it fixed before we have to leave town. Jen left work to come and pick me and the kids up to give us a ride home. How sweet is she?

Her kids are great too! Aubree is one of my favorites (favorite what?: people, babysitters, kids, friends, she's just one of my favorites). Anyway, I love the Fry's and I am very thankful for their friendship. It makes me happy.



Tabitha Blue said...

What a blessing!!! It's wonderful to be able to have friends like that in our lives!!! Makes life better... must also mean that you're a great friend, to have a friend like that, cause it usually goes both ways!!!!!


Anonymous said...

The Frys are awesome an family. I just love them. They would do anything for anyone. God gave my family a great blessing when He put them in our lives. Thank you God for the Frys!
Kim P

Kenlea said...

How wonderful to have such great friends!!! Friends are forever!!