Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tales from the Helder House

Well, today was supposed to be a tutorial on my button art in my bathroom, but I've decided to save that one day this next week and talk about something much more important...My Children.

Warning: Extreme Naughtiness to follow

The other night at Nolan's High School basketball games I was sitting behind our team's bench with Ruthie (the spot I was occupying is at the end of the bleachers right next to Nolan's office door, our boys' locker room, and a hallway that leads to the weight room), and Kane was standing a few feet away from me with the basketball boys (they were waiting to run out on the court).

There was right around 1 minute left in the girls' game and it was tied up when all of a sudden everyone hears this horribly loud siren going off. At first I thought the scoreboard horn was stuck, but then the guy behind me yells "fire!" and I realized it was a fire alarm.

Well, I immediately look over to the basketball boys to find Kane, only to find one of them holding Kane and all of them laughing hysterically! With overwhelming dread I put 2 and 2 together and remember that there is a fire alarm just around the corner in the hall that leads back to the weight room. That's right! son pulled the fire alarm!!! (remember the game is tied with about a minute left!)

They had to completely stop the game. They couldn't get the stupid thing turned off, so it went of for about 10 minutes! There was a policemen, all the administrators, Nolan, and some other men all trying to turn it off! I wanted to crawl under a rock and DIE! And to make matters worse (yes it can get worse!) our girls lost! It was a nightmare! Only Kane could possibly do something so crazy!

This morning Kane had his first Upward Basketball game. It was so fun! He did so good! boys. Ready for the game! (Nolan is Kane's coach)

...This might be the sweetest picture ever!

...Talkin' strategy.

However he did get into a little fist throwing match with another little boy, and then fist throwing turned into pushing, which led to falling to the ground and wrestling! (in Kane's defense he was trying to play defense on the little boy so he kept following the boy all over the place and I guess the little boy had enough and that is when the punches started flying). The ref had to pull them apart and have a little talk with them.

No one was hurt (no tears or anything), and it was pretty funny really. We had a talk with him afterward and all is good now.

Now on to Ruthie:

Last night Nolan had a game really far away so I was home alone with the kiddos. I was trying to cook dinner, but Ruthie kept wanting me to hold her. The following is the only thing that would make her happy:

...and happy she was!

...a girl after my own heart going after the mayo!

...the path of distruction.

...she's holding worcestershire sauce and feeling pretty proud of herself!

There you have it! All our naughtiness in a nutshell!



les_mason_curt said...

oh man- pulling the fire alarm... is it safe to say that some of thos adolescent boys put him up to it??? Maybe! Your kiddos are adorable and little ruthie is sooo sweet!

jenjen said...

Your kids are adorable!!! This might make you feel better: When my son was 3 he pulled the fire alarm at our church and it wouldn't stop going off until the fire department came. So embarrassing. But now when I look back on it -- it's hilarious!

It's so great that you are blogging about it -- so you can record it now and remember it later!


Just what are those Woods up to? said...

Oh no! Hahahaha! What a rascal! Kane is destined for great things, I'm telling you. World, watch out!

And Ruthie is so precious playing in the fridge. Scarlett loves to do that, too.

Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

I love this post!
Such a sweet picture of Ruthie and her big smile. I am glad we got to catch up, a little bit, in the nursery.

Martha (aka Yvette) said...

I'm sorry but I am laughing about the story of your son..LOL. I like the picture of them sitting next to each other, precious. Kane needs to come teach my high school sons team how to play DEFENSE!!!lol

I love the look on Ruthie's face saying "look ma I'm to fast for you"...hehe :)

Mandy, Dustin and Thomas said...

Your kids are super adorable! She is such a doll face.

Bethany said...

Oh my gosh, your kids are adorable!! That is too funny about Kane pulling the fire alarm!