Friday, February 6, 2009

"Spiderman is Real!"

I am the head of AWANA (a wonderful program at our church that promotes the learning of scripture learning for children ages 3-6th grade) at our church. At the end of each AWANA club meeting I give any kiddo that wants to the opportunity to come forward and say some of the scripture they have learned into the microphone.

Well, the other night Kane raised his hand to share his verse.

He came into the middle of the big circle of kids and I asked him to say his name into the microphone.

He said, "Kane."

Me: "Okay buddy, tell us your verse."

Kane: (as he looks around the circle for a minute taking in his huge audience), and then as loud and fast as he can into the microphone- "SPIDERMAN IS REAL!!!"

Me: (trying not to laugh where he can see me) "Kane, go sit down."

Everyone else: "HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!!" (you get the idea)

I promise you he new the verse, but I guess somethings just have to be shared, so he did!



Anonymous said...

Hehe!! That is too funny! I am elated to see that you are an AWANA Leader. I am a CUBBIE Leader... go CUBBIES!! It's so great to meet people with the same interest. Ashton will be thrilled to hear, Spiderman is real!!

Miller Racing Family said...

We never know what will come out of the mouth of our children. Spiderman gave me a good laugh for the day. We also participate in Awana at our church. We think it is a great ministry to the kids as well as the unchurched families.

Bethany said...

LOL that's awesome. Kids are so unpredictable sometimes ;)

AndreaLeigh said...

very funny! he just had to get that out, I guess.

Leah said...

I work in AWANA Truth in Training at our church. That is hilarious! I'm sure everyone couldn't stop laughing. :)