Monday, April 27, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday...

Hello Friends! Welcome to another round of FMM! If you are a new friend you can go HERE to find out what all the hoopla is about, and you'll probably find some rules too! It's great fun and if you're new you'll be so glad you came on over to join us!!! I know I'm glad you're here!

Today's inspiration came from Kelli over at Outside My Kitchen Window. She shared her great idea with me like only a true friend would of course!!!

This is how it goes:

“5 Senses Tag”

We are to list 4 things we love, and one thing we dislike, for each category.

1. Cookies baking: Chocolate Chip are the best!
2. The smell of my kiddos after they are bathed.
3. Fresh air coming in through my windows
4. Nolan wearing some fine cologne! Oh Yeah!!!
1. Really stinky diapers: and we have our fair share of them around here!

1. The back of the hubby's neck: I love to rub my hands up into his hair!
2. The soft skin of the kiddos
3. I love to lay in the grass on a warm day
4. Clean Sheets. I love when I put fresh sheets on the bed and then crawl's the best!
1. Worms: I've been doing some gardening and they are so gross!

1. Hearing Nolan or the kids telling me they love me. Okay: I know Ruthie can't say it yet, but I can see it in her eyes for sure!
2. The sound of my children's laughter.
3. Nolan's voice when he reads. I love his voice.
4. Ron Jaworski: ESPN NFL Analyst: His voice is super nice!
1. When my babies cry: It brakes my heart!

1. Pecan Pie
2. Avocado: Yummy!
3. Homeade Ice Cream: Banana. I'll share the recipe soon!
4. Heath Bars
1. Bitter Pecans: Gag!

1. My new landscaping
2. My Husband: Hello!!! He's gorgeous!
3. The beautiful smiles of my kiddos
4. Way cute shoes: On Sale!
1. Seeing my family hurt or sad.

There you have it! All 5 Senses covered: Good and the bad!

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jenjen said...

Hi Kasey! What a fun question this week! I liked reading your lists. I hope things are going well for you! You'll have to post some pictures of your new landscaping. I'd love to see it!


Tanielle said...

Thanks Kasey for doing FMM each week! I always look forward to Mondays now! Loved your lists, looking forward to the recipe for the ice cream...not that I am going to eat it, bacause I'm on a diet, but because.....o.k. I want to try it!:-)

Have a great day!


Xazmin said...

Loved reading all your answers! This is a fun one! I can't wait to read everyone's answers!

Carol Kennon said...

This one was so much fun. Thanks. Enjoyed reading your answers.

Southerner Out Of Water said...

I am now linked!

Jo said...

How fun ~ great questions and answers!

Have a fun day,

Suzanne said...

Hi Kasey,
Great lists!!! I agree with the cookies and can't wait for the banana ice cream, too. What I liked best about your list was how your love for your husband and kiddies came shining through:-)

Kelli said...

I'm happy to help! I love FMM and am grateful that you do it weekly.

April said...

What a awesome lists, Kasey! Clean sheets are at the top of my list, too! :) Happy Monday!

Shawn said...

What a great idea Kelli!

I love your list!

I agree with most of them and now I have to go to mine and come up with something original and funny...oh the pressure!

Love the new pictures BTW!

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

This was a fun idea- I had a hard time narrowing it down to just a few things that I LOVED.

I also love the feel of hopping into bed with CLEAN SHEETS!! Ahhhhhh

Hope you have a great week!


Amanda said...

Love FMM. I look forward to it every weekend;) Hope you had a good one and your yard sale went well. Enjoyed your list too!

Divine Mrs D said...

Homemade banana ice cream?! Mmm...I like the FMM this week. :)

Mrs. J L said...

Great lists! I joined in all the fun. This was my first week of many, I hope. :)

"FINE"al thoughts... said...

Fun glad I jumped on the FMM bandwagon!

Jennifer said...

I finally decided to do a FMM! What a fun list. Always interested in what you have to say. Have a great week!

AndreaLeigh said...

I want to see some new pics of your landscaping! I need inspiration. I haven't done anything in the yard yet. Our day lillies, elephant ears, and banana trees have come back but the flowers haven't so I think I will work outside this weekend.

casey. said...

avocados, yum!

jennykate77 said...

Oh, this is a fun one! I love your things on your lists! Homeade ice cream sounds delish right now! I'll be waiting for that recipe! ☺

Happy Monday!

Pink Monkey said...

This was a tough one for me, but fun. Have a great week!

Jenny said...

Chocolate chip cookies sounds so yummy right now!

What a fun list.

kkrowan said...

I love this one! What a fun and different challenge this week! Thank you so much for doing this!

Jen said...

Terrific list! It's fun to see what everyone comes up with - I LOVE pecan pie! Mmmm. and avocados too, I really should get them more often. And share pictures of your landscaping!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Hi Kasey,

You make this look so easy! How come I can't just whip out some of these things...I think it's because I "think" about it too much and can't come up with the right things to say. One of these days I'll be back for FMM. Thanks for coming on by to check in on's been good to "see" you! I've been slacking in coming by to visit others' blogs. There's not enough time in the day!! ;)

Love the prom pics from one of your previous posts. I still need to do that tag from Xazmin. I just can't find any dance pics!

Keri said...

LOVE this one!! I have to admit, it took me awhile to actually come up with every single one. Thanks for doing this...I look forward to it!

Rhonda said...

Hey Kasey,
Love the 5 senses idea. You inspired me to wash my sheets again today. I wash on Saturdays. I love it that much!

Great list...just getting mine posted! Have a great week! Would love to see your landscaping!

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

I'm coming in late in the day, and it may take me a while to come up with my list! Love your list -- can I just copy it? (except all those things about Nolan, of course!!) Can't wait to hear more about your landscaping!

Shawn said...

I am finally working on your gift for being a runner up in my 100th post contest.

I'm making you a frame. I know you said you liked the Christmas one but since that's 8 months away would you like something different? How about a summer design?

Send me an email and let me know!

Mrs. Wright said...

That was fun, thanks!

Ruth Ann said...

I don't mind's the big night crawlers that I can't handle! Great list! Have a great night!
-Ruth Ann

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

Kasey! I have awarded you an award for your fantastic blog that I so enjoy reading- hop on over to my latest post to receive it. And if you have already gotten it, well just know that I really have enjoyed getting to know you through this medium!


Ali said...

Banana ice cream sounds too healthy to me--I need chocolate and caramel! Clean kids and fresh sheets--heaven!

I had to take a few days off from yoga because my sister tried to kill me by making me do a Billy Blanks workout video--I was so sore! I felt well enough to do it this morning but my in-laws showed up and there's no way I'm doing yoga in front of anyone but my 5 yr old!