Wednesday, May 27, 2009

EM: ME and My son's room...

{ae filkins}

Amber's question for us this week:

There isn't one. :) Just update us on your progress. How you're doing. What you're doing. How you're feeling about what you're doing.

Well: I feel great! I honestly have not felt this fit and healthy since before I got married! I mean I've been an exerciser on and off the entire time I've been married (mostly on, but not always) and even when I was pregnant both times, but I have never really worried too much about my eating habits. This is also the first time since college that I have not only done cardio work but I'm lifting weights too! I'm also doing yoga, which I always thought was kind of dorky, but now I love and will never do without again!

This is what I'm doing:

6-7 days a week I'm doing: 1 hour Cardio Blast show on Fit TV- includes weights, step aerobics, kickboxing, curcuit training (I love how it's always something different and this is great for my body because it never gets into a rut and keeps my muscles guessing!)

6-7 days a week I'm doing: 30 minutes yoga on Fit TV- I love this because I am so much more flexible and it really helps with not being as sore after weight training. It also help with my core strength which helps with everything from balance to better posture.

3 days a week I doing: A running club! Some women at my church have joined up with me and we have started a running group! I am so excited and am Loving it! We are doing this training program called From the Couch to a 5K. I did it last year after I had the baby and it is great! You so don't have to be a runner to be able to do this program. If your interested go HERE to check it out. My hope for myself is to run a marathon or atleast a 1/2 marathon within the year!

I weighed myself this morning and I weigh less than I weighed when I got married! I am so excited I can not even begin to tell you!

I have really started to watch the things that my family and I eat. I'm not buying anything prepackaged or things that are full of preservatives (and if I do they are organic). I have even started making all our snacks and breads. (I know I'm a freak! Whatevah!) -But I feel great and I feel like my body is so clean!

Because of all this stuff combined: I feel stronger, healthier, happier, more confindent, and just plain better! And as an added bonus- The Hubby keeps telling me how sexy I am (and honestly I think it's my outlook more than my body that is the change he sees!)

This weeks goals: To keep it up! Exercise each day, Run, Eat Clean and Healthy, Drink my water, and most of all: to have a good attitude about it!

I have some really great, healthy, yummy snack recipes I'm going to start sharing. You'll love them and so will your families! So come back to check it out!

Shawn over at Seriously is hosting a House Tour. This week: Children's Rooms.

I am going to show my son's today and next week I'll show my daughters (next week is guest bedrooms. I don't have one so I'll show hers instead).

You can go HERE to see a few more pics of the little man's room.

Hope everyone has a great day!



J.J. said...

What a cute room!!!!!!! THat is adorable, by oldest boy would love that globe!

Congrats on your weighing less than when you married! THat is awesome! I gotta go get my post ready and post it, been hangin' with the kids at school all day :)

Have a great evening!

Jen said...

Wow - you have a rigorous program! How do you find the time for it? I would seriously like to know. :)

Good for you on your weight -doesn't it feel great? Thanks for the inspiration!

Vivienne said...

Your pix from your Memphis trip say it all. You look fabulous! (And Kane's room is sooooo cute!)

jenjen said...

Hi Kasey -

GOOD FOR YOU! It is so awesome that you are feeling so good!

I love your son's room. so cute!


Michelle said...

Okay, so you totally have me interested in the FitTv programs, is this on a cable network? I have never heard of it. Would love to try it out. And your little boys room looks really cute! :)

onegirliegirl said...

Uh, I don't even remember what I weighed when I got married. Congrats to you!! That must feel so awesome!!

I am doing the Couch to 5K program also!! I have really enjoyed it! Where are you?

You are an inspiration!

xoxo ~Lisa

Lynn said...

Yay for you, so motivational. I say if makin your own breads from scratch works for you, dont feel like you have to explain it! Wish I were so inclined....

Miller Racing Family said...

Kane has a super cute room.
Great job on the exercising. Sounds like you are really sticking with the workout plan and being a great example for your pals. I totally agree with you that having a good attitude will do wonders for how you feel. Keep up the good work and have a great day!

J.J. said...

I just came back to let you know that I finally posted my race report!!!! Also to say....damn get after that exercise!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley and Eric said...

Your workout routine is impressive. How do you find the time to do all that workout AND make all of your own snacks, etc??

Sarah said...

You weigh less now than you did when you got married. Um, I'm a little jealous. Or a lot. haha!:)
No really, congrats! It sounds like you've been working hard. And it is great that you are feeling so good about yourself!

And what a cute little boy's room.

Creekmore's said...

Very cute room. Have you been looking at the room tours over at Kelly's Korner? She's doing Kids rooms this week too. You should post yours tomorrow.

And - I'll be driving through your little town next week. My husband and I are going for an anniversary trip to Eureka Springs. 4 days and 3 nights all by ourselves. LOL We're staying in the same cottage where we honeymooned. I know Eureka Springs is probably not too exciting to you, but for two people living in the flat Delta we're ready for some hills! LOL

Amy said...

I am going to see if I have the Fit Channel when I get home from my Mom's place. I want to do some working out.

heidi said...

I started the COuch to 5K program and have had to stop for now until I get some decent running shoes. I've been tae boing and doing this kickboxing boot camp as well as walking a mile a night. Oy.

His room is AWESOME! Nice job!

Shawn said...

I love Kane's room! Thanks for playing along.

You are amazing! You go girl!

Kelli said...

His rooms is very nice! How did you do his letters? I'm thinking of using Mod Podge for letter for the kids' that what you did?

Kelli said...

I jumped right to the room and missed the first part of the post. Way to go! What an inspiration to us and yourself to keep going. I have to check out this Couch to 5K. Thanks for sharing!