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Friend Makin' Monday...

Hello! and Welcome Friends!!!

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This weeks task is in honor of the fact that today is my Anniversary!

We have been married 7 years today. So, todays question is:

How did you and your significant other meet? and if you don't have a significant other at the moment then what would be your dream way to meet him?

Warning: This is long and very Soap Opera-ish!

Well, the hubby and I actually grew up together. We have known each other as long as I can remember. We never really liked each other until I was a 9th grader and he was an 8th grader though. Well, actually "we" didn't like each other then either. I liked (loved, obsessed over!) him, and he wanted me to drop off the face of the earth. I would see him at church, school, games and confess my undying love for him. He would usually turn many shades of red and tell me to go away! Silly guy had no idea!

Anyhoo, finally my Jr. year, his sophmore year he came around and we started dating. We dated for almost a year when he decided to break up with me the day before my birthday which was also one day after prom! Can you believe it?!!!

We started dating again my Senior year and as was our custom I fell head over hills for him and he was fine with whatever! In true hubby fashion he broke up with me again, but this time he did one better and broke up with me ON my birthday! I know right?!!!

I went off to college the next year thinking I was so over him. I met another guy and we hit it off great. A year or so later I was engaged to him. We dated for 3 years and less than a month before the wedding I was so miserable that I called my mother and confessed to her that there was no way I could marry him. Of course she told me to end it. So that's what I did, and I moved back home the next day.

The day I moved home Nolan's mom came to visit me. I remember walking down the hall of my parents house and rounding the corner into the dining room and seeing her. The first thing out of my mouth before I even said hello to her was "I do not want to talk about Nolan. He and I will never date again!" HA! Famous last words right?

That was in May and I was 21.

On July 4 that same summer I went to a July 4 party with my parents. The hubby's grandparents were there. I don't know why, but for some reason I asked his grandpa how Nolan was and if he was in town for the holiday. His grandpa said he was in, so I went further and told him to make sure and tell him "hello" for me. I had not really even thought about him in 3 years and here I was completely consumed by the thought of getting to see him and just talk with him. It was the craziest feeling I've ever had! That night I told my parents I was going to a friend's house and I drove by his house about 100 times waiting to see his car so I could stop by and tell him "hi". His parents were out of town and he was staying with his grand parents so I didn't get my chance.

His grandpa was good on his word though and he passed on my "hello". The next day my mother called me while I was out on a date to tell me "you will never guess who just called to talk with you?!...Nolan!" I immediately made an excuse and left my date to go home and call him! I'm sure you're all thinking I'm completely crazy now right!?

We made plans to have lunch together that week. We talked and had the greatest time. He told me that it was so strange when his grandpa had told him I said "hi' because even though he had not really thought of me in years he had thought about me and us the entire way home from Texas.

We saw each other a couple of times that week, but then I just stopped returning his calls. I was fresh off a break up. Not just any break up either! I was supposed to have married that guy! And here I was falling head over heals in love with Nolan! Nolan the guy that likes to break up with me on my birthday! I was so not in a good enough emotional place to handle it, so the easiest thing seemed to just not answer the phone!

About a month later I went to a friend's wedding. Nolan's parents sang the most wonderful song. I cried through the whole thing thinking why in the world did I not answer the phone?! I left the wedding and told my mother that I had to call Nolan before he went back to college to tell him that I loved him. I called him about 1 hour after the wedding and he told me that he was on his way out the door to go with his family on a short weekend vacation he would call me when he got back. I told him to please not forget it was important!

He promised to call.

He didn't.

I found out about 1 week later from my mother who had spoken to his grandmother that he had gone back to school in Texas. This was in August.

In November I still had him on my mind. I just couldn't seem to shake this feeling that I needed him in my life. I talked my roommate into calling an old friend of Nolan's and we had him call and get Nolan's phone # down at school for me. I called him, he didn't answer so I left a message. I just knew he wouldn't call me back.

He did.

He came home a week later for Thanksgiving. We spent every moment we could together. By the end of the week we had told each other we loved each other. It was perfect!

However...when he left to go back to school he said we shouldn't put a label on ourselves that with us living 6 hours away from each other that we should just see how things went. Well, let me tell you!...this went all over me! He tells me he loves me and then tells me that we aren't going to put a label on our relationship status! Who does this guy think he is?!

I dated other guys! I'll show him I thought. He came home for Christmas and of course I was so happy to see him, but then at the same time I was like: "You know what...I am sick and tired of your stupid head games! I have got to get over you and move on! I cannot continue to let you rule over me like this!"

So guess what I did? I stopped answering his calls! But this time he did not give up so easily! He called me at work! He showed up at my apartment! The day he showed up at my apartment and wanted to talk I was so distant and I felt so torn! A guy I was talking with and had been out with a couple of times showed up at my door wanting to know if I wanted to go grab a bite to eat. I didn't know what to do! I felt like a child caught with her hand in the cookie jar! But just to be mean to Nolan I introduced them and when I introduced Nolan I introduced him as an old friend from High School! HA!

Later I explained to the guy I was seeing (who was a really sweet guy) that Nolan and I had a long history but I was so over it and I was going to tell Nolan so. I told the guy that I was going to meet with Nolan Christmas night and talk with him and I would call him the next day.

Nolan and I met at my parent's house Christmas night and we stayed up talking into the morning hours. Lot's of tears were shed and I explained to him how much it hurt me that he would tell me he loved me and then not want to label it or in my eyes make it exclusive. He promised me that I was the only one for him and that he loved me and that I could put whatever label on us that I wanted that he just wanted to be with me!

So the next day I had a lot of explaining to do when I called the other guy! Instead of breaking it off with Nolan like I had told him I was going to do, Nolan and I were more serious than ever! OOPS! This was in December.

April 28 he proposed to me in Dallas which was 8 days before my birthday. I had gone down that weekend to find myself an apartment so that we didn't have to do the long distance thing any more. He proposed while I was there. He gave me a journal that he had been writing in for months with my ring in it wrapped around the string bookmark. It was perfect!

We decided that instead of me finding an apartment that weekend we would just get married on May 25! We knew we loved each other and we wanted to be married to each other: Why wait?! So we didn't. and on May 25, 2002 I became his wife! and It was and is wonderful!

I love you Nolan!

Sorry this was so long, but I just couldn't help myself! I promise I won't do it again!

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Erica said...

Congratulations I just celebrated my 7 yr. Anniversary a week ago. I am off to prepare my FMM post. :)

Shawn said...

What a great story! I hope he makes your birthday an extra special event every year now!

It looks like Mr. Linky is still having "issues". I will post all about me and Babe and we'll see what happens with our dear ol' friend Mr. Linky.

heidi said...

Awwwww!!!! *sniff sniff* That was sweet!

My story is up.

Happy 7th Anniversary to you & Nolan!!

shortmama said...

Mr Linky is pitchin a fit but mine is up

Jenny said...

How lovely! May you have many more happy years together!

Amber said...

Oh, so sweet! And dramatic! Just like mine! :)

Hey, love isn't always pretty.

Congrats on 7 years!!

Alicia said...

Oh I LOVE happy endings!!! What a great story! :)

Alex the Girl said...

So, you chased him until he caught you. Wise in the matters of the heart you are. I found you through The V Spot. Great Idea for Mondays. I cheated though. I posted my meet story on Friday!

Jen said...

OK, so I've got to write one of these now - it was my husband who pursued ME for 6 years and wouldn't give up. :)

I love your story - when God is behind a relationship, He won't let you get away very easily. It's clear He wanted the two of you together!

AndreaLeigh said...

very sweet story! i am sure he learned his lesson about being wishy washy, haha!

happy anniversary, kasey!

Rhonda said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Wow...what a story with a cool ending! Love that he kept a journal, and how he proposed.

I agree with Shawn...every birthday should be EXTRA SPECIAL!

Happy Memorial Day!

Amy said...

Okay I see Mr. Linky is working. I put him up on my page and he finally came. I hope you do not mind I was just testing out the new "Mr. Linky" I love your story and I am very happy for you both. Happy Monday.

Trudy said...

Hi Kasey, I linked up to you from shortmama and thought this just looked like too much fun to pass up. I loved your love had the perfect combination of persistence and strength to hold back when you had to! You look so happy together and have a beautiful family!

God bless you and Happy Anniversary!

Jen said...

Somehow, my browser won't open Mr. Linky. Hopefully, my post was successfully added, because I really did write one! :)

:) Jen

Jordan said...

That is such a cute story! =]

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Shat a fun fun story - I have some history with my hubby and I personally, think they make the best marriages!

____j said...

I can't seem to get Mr. Linky to work, but here's my story:

Tina said...

Happy Anniversary! Great Story!

Mr Linky is not working...I have my story up and will try to check back with Mr. Linky later...

Happy FMM!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you both I will be celebrate my 10 yr. Anniversary in Aug and I can not wait. I loved your story.

nipsy said...

What a wonderful story. Found my way here through VIV and since she said I had to come here I did and am quite glad.

I met my guy believe it or not, online. We were both internet radio DJ's. Both of us very leery of the opposite sex due to the most nightmarish of past marriages. We haven't been together too long, just over a year now. But I have found my best friend, my soul mate and its about time. I am so very grateful everyday to have this wonderful man in my life. Thank you for not only sharing, but asking others theirs as well.

"FINE"al thoughts... said...

Ooooh! This is a good FMM idea! Loved your romantic story. Love is pretty crazy sometimes. I can't wait to write about how I met and fell in love with my hubby of nearly 11 years!

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

What a sweet sweet story Kasey! I love it!

I posted about a new little man in my life and the way I met him..hee hee! Hope you do not mind- Mr. Ian has finally joined us!!’s_Here%21%21%21.html


Michelle said...

I read a few bloggers that do your friend makin mondays, and I have always loved reading them, but never joined until today. This was so much fun! I also loved reading your story. How people meet is probably one of my most favorite things to ask people and talk about. I just love it. Thanks for sharing and for inspiring me to finally join! :)

Divine Mrs D said...

Congratulations!!! The best anniversaries are in May. ;)

Mine is up. :)

Miller Racing Family said...

Congrats on the 7 year anniversary!
Thank you for hosting this post today. I love reading love stories.
You guys have such a great story, your right a little soap opera-ish but it is wonderful. Glad you guys stuck it out through all the hard times.
Have a blessed day!

Sharon said...

Love your story and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I'll hook up when Mr. Linky is back from vacation!! ;)

Erica said...

What a great story thanks for sharing. :) I put mine up to.

Jessica said...

Such a great story! I LOVED it! Thanks for sharing :) and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

Congratulations on your anniversary!

Jillian C said...

blah,blah,blah!!: > Love ya, miss ya,and Happy Anniversary!! Hope to see ya soon!!

Mrs. J L said...

I don't know why but ur story reminded me of The Notebook. I loved it! Congrats on 7 years! And I wish you many many more years of love and happiness!!!!

jennykate77 said...

What a great story! Boys can be some mean sometimes, imagine him breaking up with you on your birthday...TWICE! You guys have a really sweet story and you are REALLY cute together! Congratulations on 7 years! My anniversary was on the 23rd. :)

I think Mr. Linky is having issues today, but I posted too. :) I'll come back later and see if he is up and running.

Jennifer said...

I can't believe he broke up with you twice around your birthday! Guys can be so mean sometimes!! Congratulation on your 7 year anniversary!!!
Since I was out of town this weekend I did my FMM today.

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

Kasey, I loved this story. It didn't surprise me that you just kept loving Nolan during all of that -- you are so good at that "determined" kind of love, and no doubt that's one of the things he loves most about you!

Happy 7th Anniversary! Wishing you so many happy anniversaries ahead!

misty said...

i came over from amber's page.

i can't wait until next monday so i can play along!

and glad that your husband finally got smart & stopped dumping you! ha

happy anniversary!!!

J.J. said...

by the way...thanks for getting back to me about the FMM question...I just could't get to posting it int he hotel with all the kids...and I had to get some sleep :) I will be back next week.

Anonymous said...

wow, Kasey I just found your blog and this story. It gave me chills and made me want to cry a little bit!

the vacay looks super fun! What a cute family. I love how healthy you keep everything, even down to the little snacks, and sharing oversized meals as a family.