Wednesday, July 8, 2009

EM:ME - Vacation Edition..

{ae filkins}

Amber at {aefilkins} started EM:ME as a way for us to support each other in our attempts at becoming healthier people. Whether it be physically, emotionally, or even spiritually we can all use support, and I love EM:ME for just that reason.

Each week she asks a question and this weeks question is:

Share with us some of your vacation survival strategies.

Since I am in the middle of a month long vacation and trying desperately to continue on with my exercising and healthy eating habits I had to get in on this question!

So here it goes:

1) Every restaurant we go to we share. Not just me and the hubs, but all 4 of us. We order one dish, no appetizers or dessert, and simply ask for 3 extra plates. If the kids don't get enough then they may have a healthy snack when we get back to the car.

2) The only snacks I brought with us are healthy: Fruit, Veggies, Natural Peanut Butter and Almond Butter, Kashi Whole Wheat crackers, granola, almonds, natural turkey, lowfat cheese get the picture. If we have bad stuff it will get eaten by someone, so if it's not here then it can't happen! (you might be wondering how my kids and husband feel about this. My kid's don't know any different because this is how it has pretty much always been-I have gotten a little more strict here in the last few months- and the hubs prefers to be healthy too.

3) We don't eat every meal out. I brought food to eat to counter act all the not as healthy meals we do eat out. We usually eat at least one meal that is our groceries.

4) I brought hand weights, and I wake up to run and do weights early so that there is no way that it won't get done...5:45 early.

5) I normally workout with friends and since I couldn't bring them with me I enlisted the hubby to run and workout with me.

6) We only drink water (we keep a cooler in the car) or milk (occasionally coffee)- no exceptions.

7) We find fun activities to do that are active: hike, walk downtown in big cities, and swim.

8) I allow myself to eat what sounds good when we eat out that way I don't feel deprived. Misery means lots of cheating. I even stopped into a bakery today and got a yummy chocolate chip cookie!!!

I hope that maybe this will help some of you out. It has worked out pretty good for me so far. So everyone go and have a healthy vacation! It can be done!!!

You can go HERE for her site, today's question and link, and the rules and info on EM:ME.


Vivienne said...

Wow. I admire your discipline. I just packed the "snack bags" for the kids on our upcoming road trip. I went for a few treats they don't normally get. I am so impressed that you are still working out, too.
Now wonder you look so fantastic!

Jen said...

I'm so impressed that you are running while on a road trip. You're made of some strong stuff, girl! (I'd be running AWAY from the van after 2 days in it!)

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

Oh my gosh, I envy how disciplined you are! We are taking a long road trip next month (not long like Helder-kind-of-long, but long for us!), and I think we will copy some of your ideas!

Hibiscus Moon said...

Those are all great tips! I will have to remember them next time we go on vacay!

Michelle said...

You inspire me so much! I hope you are having a blast on your vacation! :)

jenjen said...

You are amazing Kasey! I love all of your ideas. And the one dinner idea is fabulous! Have a wonderful trip!


Aeryn said...

Oh.. wow!! I admire your discipline sooo much! You should put more tips about healthy eating... well.. after the vacation that is...
BTW, I forgot to ask, where do you guys find the awesome coupons? We are getting ready for a week-long road trip...

kimert said...

YOur discipline is admirable. We eat healthy but I know we can always do better. I am going to keep a file with some of your tips! I'd love to make so many adjustments at our house.

Amy said...

Wow you are so great on your vacation. Way to go!!!!

Amber said...

WOW, I'm super impressed too! We usually eat fast food because eating at 'sit down' restaurants would be a fortune. But if you only get one meal and split it, then it would actually be cheaper than fast food!

Hubby and I are always saying that we need to get meals and split them. My inlaws do this ALL the time. I'm gonna have to just do it. {He's super picky, which is why I hesitate}. Oh well!

Also admire that you guys drink only water, and such healthy snacks. We're not THAT disciplined and LOVE Diet Coke, but we could at least cut back. We do bring healthy snacks in the car for the drive up.

Thanks for inspiring me to kick it up a notch!!

Emily said...

Great tips. I'm going to have to remember those for our next vacation.

3 Peas in a Pod said...

Wow, you're an inspiration. This is a really well thought out plan. You'll definitely be losing on vacation.

Much love from NJ,