Friday, July 2, 2010

Vacation- Days- 4 & 5

Day 4-

We woke up the morning of Day 4 in Amarillo, TX and headed to the Belmar Bakery. It wasn’t the greatest I’ve ever had but it was still good.

From there we headed to Santa Fe, NM. Along the way we expected New Mexico to have hot/dry weather- instead we spent the whole day with the rain pouring down and it was freezing.

When we got there we headed to the Plaza in Downtown Santa Fe. It was full of great jewelry, pottery, and clothing stores, and I have never seen so many art galleries in my entire life. I personally don’t really get into the whole Southwestern style but there with the desert and adobe homes it just seemed to fit.

After walking around downtown in the rain for a couple of hours we headed to eat. You can’t go to New Mexico without eating some tasty chiles- so that is of course what we did. We went to Tomasiita’s and enjoyed a dish with red and green chiles on it (Christmas style)- it was super yummy, but my tummy has never burned so much, Ever.

We went back to the hotel after dinner. We went swimming with the kids and then I exercised (my stomach burned so bad from the chiles I thought I was dying!). Then to bed we went.

Day 5-

On day 5 we woke up and ate breakfast at our hotel. We headed to Taos, NM which is a fun little ski town about 1 hour from Santa Fe. It’s up in the mountains and was super pretty there. We found a great play area there for the kids to play, and the downtown was really pretty. While there we also headed to the suspension bridge that crosses the Rio Grande Gorge. I didn’t experience a full blown anxiety attack while there (due to the heights), but I didn’t just love the feeling of being so high and being able to feel the bridge move with ever car that crossed over it either. And No I didn’t get to see Julia Roberts and her family while in Taos (she lives there). She must not have known we were there.

We left Taos and drove toLos Alamos by way of the High Road. When we got to Los Alamos we went to the Manhattan Project Museum to learn about the making of the nuclear bombs. It was so crazy to learn about how they made the town and how they kept it so secret.

About 6 miles from Los Alamos was Bandelier National Monument which is an ancient Pueblo Indian cave dwelling village. The Indians actually lived in caves in the side of the mountains. They made ladders up to their caves. The kids and the hubby had a big time climbing into the caves and we hiked. It was a big time. I only freaked once when I thought little miss was going to fall out of a cave, but no worries! She didn’t and all is well!

From Bandelier we drove around Santa Fe for a while checking out the sites. We went and ate supper at La Choza New Mexican Restaurant. Again we had our dinner smothered Christmas style with chiles, and again my belly burned like it had been lit on fire.

After dinner we swam at the hotel, exercised, and went to bed- it was a busy day 5!

Days 6 and 7 to come- and some pictures! Have a great day!



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Hey Kasey!
Hope it still going well. Would love to read more about it. No pressure though. ;)