Wednesday, November 14, 2012

This Post Will Be Random...

The hubster is a basketball coach.  This time of year he is super busy and going, going, going all the time. 

Thankfully it is a job that we can tag along. 

I make all the home games and try to get to as many of the away games as I can.  However- he really likes for us to ride the bus to save on gas money, but I tell myself that it's also because he loves us so much that he MUST have us with him. 

The kiddos also get a huge kick out of riding on the big, yellow bus to the games with the the basketball boys and dad, so it's a win-win all around.

However, this year this girl's preggo and there probably won't be too many school bus rides for me.

Thankfully they broadcast his games on the local radio station.  He's practically a Star.

I mean he is a Star to me...but I'm talking a famous Star.  Crazy.

We went to his home game lastnight.  He's so handsome all dressed up out there coaching...

He's the blurry guy in the black pants and redish shirt (apparently my phone only takes blurry shots in a gym from far away- who knew).

They won so by the end he was just chillin'...

Little Miss had a big time eating all the food she could find hidden in her daddy's office and running around like a wild hullagun (sp?).  She looks so innocent though doesn't she?...

She found the cheerleaders floor mats all rolled up and just couldn't help herself.  It was like a big tunnel just waiting for her to explore...

My mother-in-law's Birthday was this week.  They don't live too close so we had to send her some love in the form of a really fun picture with birthday drawings, and we also made a Birthday video to send to her over facebook...

WE LOVE YOU NANA!  We hope your day was WONDERFUL!!!

The Smelly Beast is driving me crazy right now with all of her whining! 

I'll take you for a walk in a minute you long eared monster!

Don't look at me like that...

She cheats by looking at me with those sad eyes.

Little Miss Sassy had a friend over the other day.  They had a big time playing dolls and animals and all that girly stuff she can never seem to talk her brother into playing with her.  We did however have to take a break in the fun to take her to the doctor for a physical for school. 

She had to have a flu shot while we were there.

Her friend, the 2 nurses it took to hold her down and give her the shot, Little Miss, and myself are all probably scarred for life it was such a tramatic experience.

I had no idea she was so strong and violent.

It was wild.

I took this before she knew she was getting the dreaded S-H-O-T.

All smiles.

Not so much after the shot.

She survived though, and what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger- right?

I'm taking the kids and going to visit my sister.  I can't wait.  She has 4 kiddos and it is always wild and full of crazy, fun times.

She's the best sister.

I'm Thankful for her.

What are you Thankful for?

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