Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Silly Faces...

I'm sitting in my kitchen at the table writing.  Checking Facebook.  Trying to order some Christmas stuff.

It's early, but I like it.

It's quiet in my house.  I have the heat on and I'm wrapped up in my favorite, comfy, big and baggy, ugly, brown sweater.

I'm drinking hot tea.

I love hot tea.  It makes me happy.

It makes me feel warm and cozy on cold mornings.

It helps wake me up.

I have two cups I like to drink it out of.  They both have scripture on them.

I like to look down at them when I'm holding them and be reminded of how much my Heavenly Father loves and cherishes me. 

He's good and merciful.

He's blessed me far beyond anything I deserve.

He's pretty stinkin' awesome.

Maybe it's not the tea that makes me warm and cozy after all.

But I do like hot tea.

The other night when I was putting the munchkins down for bed we had an impromtu photo session.  We're quite the models if I do say so myself.

Our range of feeling and emotion is really unbelievable...

This is our "We're too cool for school" look...

Our "Say What?" look...

Our "Totally shocked and surprised" look (the unicorn was trying to get in on our action- can you believe it?)...

"We're so angry" look...

"We love each other and apparently Go Longhorns" look (and we love the Razorbacks just so you know)...

They got to bed a little late and no we didn't read a book, but I think that that our time was well spent and mucho memorable.

I love those silly, little faces.

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