Wednesday, April 15, 2009

{ae filkins}

Amber over at {aefilkins} has a weekly question for her weekly Extreme Makeover: Me Edition. In honor of all the over-eating that went on this past weekend because of Easter the question is:

What are you going to do this week to get yourself back on track??

Well...I'm am officially addicted to Fit TV! I have been doing anywhere from 1 to 3 shows a day for the last 3 weeks! I know right!!!? (okay, I didn't do anything this past Saturday and Sunday but eat, but you know what I meant! Holidays don't count! Not in my world anyway!)

BUT!...I am back on the wagon as of Monday and I now have done 3 days in a row! And I am back to my Weight Watchers and I am proud to say that I did drink my water even over the holiday!

The 3 shows that I love on Fit TV for those of you that are curious are:

Cardio Blast w/ Cathe Friedrich: 1 hour

Namaste Yoga: 30 min.

In Shape w/ Sharon Mann: 30 min.

I highly recommend these shows! Especially the Cathe Friedrich series. It is unbelievable and I love it! She uses weights and the step a lot. Yesterday she even did some kickboxing. I love variety and she gives me that! I also like a challenge and she for sure gives me that!

As a matter of fact I did her kickboxing yesterday and her Legs and Glutes this morning and even after 3 weeks I still feel like she took one of those dumb bells and beat me with it! (in a good/getting in shape way of course!)

So there you have it: What I am doing to get back on the horse after a Holiday!

Good luck!



Jen said...

You go Kasey! I love the jelly-leg feeling you get after a good workout :-) I'll have to check out fit-tv this week, need some variety.

onegirliegirl said...

Excellent guides to working out. Thanks for the ideas!

It's go time!

Tecia said...

Wow! A lot of good information. I'm going to have to check it out this week.

Vivienne said...

I will have to see if we have FitTv and try that.

I love the sore muscle feeling. It helps whenever I am about to hoover up little things that I shouldn't. It reminds me that every cookie, every little chocolate egg, etc. helps to "un-do" the hard work I just did!

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Okay, I cannot seem to get motivated to do the exercise, BUT I *do* love my Fit TV! Sharon Mann is my absolute fav!!! I used to do her workouts every day a few years ago (back when I WAS motivated, apparently).

Congrats to you! Sounds like a fab week!


jenjen said...

Good for you Kasey! I tape fit tv and watch it while snacking on chips. (Just kidding - a little) I did do some of the workouts and they are great! I am just a very unmotivated exerciser - I hate it!

Good luck this week!


Jo said...

Good for you! I really need to do something and quick ~ beach season coming up fast!


Ali said...

I've been doing yoga along with Namaste Yoga for the past 2 months now and love it! Today I just had to watch though because they were doing a move that was absolutely, positively physically impossible!

Xazmin said...

You're so awesome! I don't have cable, but maybe I'll check out if there's anything online from Fit TV!

Keep it up!


Keri said...

Let's see......I started a 10 day cleanse yesterday and made it until 9:00 last night. Yep, I'm a Cleanser Loser!!

I got nothing else to share......

Tanielle said...

Way to go Kasey! I'll have to check those out! It feels good to be sore, when ya worked hard! Great job!

Have a wonderful night!


Amber said...

That is AWESOME!! I don't have cable {I know, deprived!!} but I would LOVE to have that. I think I'd end up doing a lot more too. I like variety, and I'd just 'try' it, and probably do the entire thing. You have to trick me into things sometimes. ;)

Good for you for drinking all of your water, even over the weekend!! That is great!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Way to go, girl! Getting back on track after a little "free for all" is pretty tough. That's great that you have found an exercising routine that you really enjoy. Fit TV sounds pretty fun and that it gives you a variety so you won't get bored. My kind of exercise...if I could just get back into that!

Vashti said...

I wish we had this chanel!!! Im off to the gym today. I LOVE getting sweaty and crampy muscles and then going all wobbly after a really good workout! Slightly addictive!!
Have a great day.

3 Peas in a Pod said...

Hi Kasey,

I found you from Amber's EMME.

Seems like you still did well over the Easter holiday. Good for you!!!

I do WW too. It's the only thing that really works for me. If you stick with it, it works. I just have to "stick" with it. :-)

Good luck this week!

Much love from NJ,

jennykate77 said...

That sounds awesome! I wonder if I have FitTV? Hmmm. I'll have to check it out!

Hope you're having a great day!!

The Blonde Duck said...

I love Cathe! I've got some of her DVDS and they are the best!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I didn't know Cathe was still around. My roommates and I use to do step with her way back in college! Good to know she still kicks your bum.