Friday, October 26, 2012


Okay- so I have a Confession.
I'm a Twi-hard.  Or at least I was.
However, now that I've seen all the movies- I can't just not go and see the last one.

So, I've got my tickets and I'm ready.  Ok, I'm excited.  And yes- I know that the Proverbs 31 Woman would probably not be a Twilight movie/book person, but I do think that she would approve of the best part of why I love going to these opening night midnight movies...

...My niece and my sweet sister-in-law always go as my dates.  We go get yummy food, coffee, dress warm, and head to the movie theater about 4 hours early and veg-out, visit, laugh, and have the best time!  I love these girls!
They are fun.
Beautiful- inside and out.
And best of all- They are great girls!
I'm thankful for Twilight Movie night- It's gonna be AWESOME!!!
I leave you with this:

Have a Happy Day!

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