Friday, November 2, 2012


For Halloween this year I decided to ask Little Man what he wanted for dinner before the big Trick-or-Treating festivities began. 

Normally we eat pretty healthy around here and try to keep the processed, sugar-filled, non-veggie oriented items away from this dwelling, but I figured in honor of this holiday that is already pretty twisted anyway we might as well go all out and eat all of the above and then some. 

I mean why not, right?!

So, we invited some friends over and I set up some tables in the yard and we partied it up with the following on our plates:

Chili, Cheese nachos- I even bought Velveeta- which as far as I'm concerned is like a 4 letter word around here.  I wasn't joking when I implied that we got WILD around here.

Homemade Apple Pie w/ ice cream- YUM!

Homemade Hot Chocolate w/ Homemade Marshmallows- and for the record- I might not EVER eat another store bought marshmallow again!  I am officially spoiled and my taste buds are officially snobbed out!

After we stuffed ourselves silly the munchkins got dressed up and we headed to this really fun street here in town that looks like a Halloween Explosion took place- all the houses hand out sinful amounts of candy and basically try to make all the local children (and their mothers) wake up the next day with sugar-hangovers (which I did btw).

It was a rockin' fun day- however I was a little bummed when Little Man's original costume idea was a wash and we had to fall back on the ole' stand by BatMan.

Awww...Ole trusty Batman- he's a good one, he's a good one (*sigh*).

Here are the Apple Pie, Hot Chocolate, and Marshmallow recipes that I followed:

Hot Chocolate from the blog Honey and Fitz - My sexy, stud of a husband said it was the BEST he'd ever had, and he doesn't throw around words like "Best ever" very often- so I guess that's really saying something.

Marshmallows are Alton Brown's at the Food Network site - I don't know if they will roast up like store bought ones, but I can't wait to test it out.  I'll keep you posted, because I mean really?!  Who doesn't want to know all about my marshmallow adventures?!?!'s exciting stuff.

and Grandma Ople's apple pie at All Recipes.

I've done the apple pie a few times and it's good one, and I most certainly will be doing the hot chocolate and marshmallows again at Christmas- the extended fam is in for a treat!

We hope you had a Wonderful and Happy HaLLoWeen!!!

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