Thursday, November 8, 2012


After the BIG Halloween Feast I was too tired to bring in all the chairs, blankets, and tables right away.  However, my procrastination paid off because I finally waited long enough that my sweet hubby and little munchkins helped me bring all the stuff in- Plus- they helped me rake leaves and sweep off the drive and porch (which were getting out of hand just so you know!).

We awarded Little Mr. and Miss Sassy with being thrown jumping into the leaves.  It was a pretty wild time had by all, and while jumping into the leaves was great fun they weren't quite as excited about all the crunchy leaves down their pants afterwards. 

We just can't have it all ya know?!

Did I mention that I love these faces?...

Little Miss started pre-school yesterday.  She'll be going 3 days a week.  She was so worried that she wouldn't know anyone and that no one would want to be her friend :(  . 

I assured her that she was totally awesome and that people would have to be crazy not to want to be her friends!

So what a relief when I picked her up and she said, "I made like hundreds of friends!  I love school, and I want to go every day!"

She's a rock star!

I'm so ready for Thanksgiving!

I have so many things to be thankful for!

My Savior- who died on the Christ for my sins so that I can meet him in heaven someday
The Hubby
The Kiddos
The sweet baby in my belly
The Health of me and my family
Awesome parents and in-laws
The list could go on and on!

While I'm really thankful for all the blessings in my life there's also this really hungry shallow excited place inside of me that is totally pumped about the hubster's grandmother's homemade macaroni and cheese, and all the pie I can fill up on. 

Is that sad? 

I mean I really enjoy visiting with all of our family while I'm eating those four different types of pie.  That counts for something right?  It's always really amazing pie and you should taste this macaroni!  It's worth the year long wait every time!!!

I've been working on making some jewelry.  I plan on blogging about it.  I'm also going to make a few aprons, re-do some furniture, and make a baby blanket for the baby.  When I get them done I'll show them to you and see what you think.

Have I mentioned that I'm 28 weeks along and we still haven't named the baby yet?  We can't seem to agree on any names.  The only things we do agree on concerning names is to talk about it later.  That's something I guess.

Have a good day!  I'm off to work at the school for a little while.  Bye!

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